Some of The Common AC Issues We Fix

Does your AC not turn on? If yes, then there is an electrical issue that hits your system. Our experts at Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX, can handle this kind of issue in a few minutes. Is your system blowing warm air instead of cold? That means you have a dirty air filter, and you need to replace this old one with a new filter. We are ready to do the mission on the spot, returning your AC system to work functionally.

Do you hear annoying sounds coming from your AC? Maybe the blower or motor assembly is the source of this sound. A faulty electrical component will also cause a telltale buzzing sound. Whatever the reason for this strange noise, we can fix it and stop any coming issues, as these noises can be a warning about possible larger or even more dangerous issues.
Is the system freezing up? Low coolant, blower motor issues, and airflow weakness may all lead your AC system to freeze. The professional AC repairs in Spring, Texas, are on your service by calling Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX. Does your system endure a refrigerant leak? Then, the coil will freeze, your home will not cool, and the system will not act powerfully. To resolve a refrigerant leak, give us a call.

Proffessional Air Duct services

About Our Professional AC Repair Standards

The AC repair service at Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX, will not stop at the point of repairing the issue, but we follow some professional standards and expert maintenance steps for each task we handle. Some of these maintenance missions are; checking coils, drain pans, and lines, lubricating moving parts, and monitoring and adjusting refrigerant pressure.

And also, we test starting capabilities of oil fan motors where applicable, check blower components and monitor voltage/amperage. As well as we test for proper airflow, tighten electrical connections, and calibrate the thermostat. In addition, our technicians will test and adjust safety controls, perform a safety inspection of the heat exchanger, monitor gas pressure, and adjust gas valves. In addition, adjust burner Pilot Assem. As long as Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX takes the mission, ensure that your HVAC system will return to work like a new one.

The Best Solution For Full-Damaged AC System

Need a new AC system instead of your old full-damaged system? Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX provides you with the top-rated AC installation service in Spring, Texas, hiring experts who have been updated with the latest technological system and the benefits of each one and the trusted brands. You will get the perfect AC system installed on the same day as calling us.

Forget the high costs of getting AC repairs for your faulted AC system, no more hot air instead of cold, and no thumping noise. Just give Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX, for a new precise air conditioning system.


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